Using Danio rerio embryos (Zebrafish) as a replacement to protected animals in cardiac research- critical review

Introduction: In recent years there has been a growing push towards using alternative methods in place of protected animals. This is mainly because 3.52 million procedures in 2018 involved protected mammals and a ‘Replacement’ strategy should always be sourced where possible (Home office 2018). This does not only reduce the severity and extent of pain […]

Critical reflective practice- Applicable to veterinary practice

Reflective and evidence-based practise (EBP) are increasingly common among veterinary professionals, as it allows more efficient and decisive decisions when concerning patients care. This is why professionals are encouraged to use the EBP approach as it takes into consideration a number of factors (see below): Preferences of the patient– what do they prefer? Is the […]

Critical review: Cattle fertility and genomic improvement, aiding improved yield- advantages and disadvantages.

Having knowledge about reproduction and genetics within the animal industry can be beneficial in detecting and predicting possible traits in a variable F1 generation. For example, by mapping the medical history of a group of cattle you can predict the possibility of a still birth occurrence. it is for this reason that farmers undertake genome […]

Reflection of Skills test

Although the first year of university isn’t the most important, it is imperative that you apply yourself to every module in order to learn how to write both examinations and coursework to your best ability. These skills learnt during the first year can then help tremendously in year two and later on. During the first […]

Personal Development Plan

During this development plan, I will highlight my strengths and weakness and any challenges that need to be overcome in order to obtain my ideal job in the future. To aid me in this process, I have conducted a current skills and skills gaps test which allowed me to see possible areas that could be […]